the FURst annual FURstival of FURRIES


What the goose is a FURstival of FURRIES?

That is a very handsome question, my friend. The FURst annual FURstival of FURRIES is a super happy fun-time event we’re debuting for the FURst time at Con on the Cob. The idea is to provide an awesome place for our friends who dig furry fandom and all sorts of cool jazz that has to do with anthropomorphic animals, animal costuming, and other family friendly aspects of furry culture.

That Sounds remarkably interesting. What’s a furry?

A furry is somebody who likes anthropomorphic animals, but that’s just the BEAR bones of it. Most furries have a fursona, which is a character they use to represent themselves within the fandom. Many furries have a costume of their fursona, known as a fursuit. Furries are NOT a bunch of crazy people who actually believe they are animals. They’re just a bunch of people who dig anthropomorphic animals.

Here’s a video by popufur Majira Strawberry  that explains it better than we can.

Neat. So this isn’t some weird cult or bizarre “grown up” thing?

Correct. It is not. Furries are normal people. They just like animals and interacting with people who also enjoy the things they enjoy.

What sort of jazz will be going down at this shindig?

All kinds of stuff, my man (or woman). There will be fur suit games, fur suit dancing (and a dance-off), lots of social interaction, and other snazzy coolness.

Is it only for furries or can anyone attend?

Everyone at Con on the Cob is invited. Please no haters, hecklers, or make-fun-of-ers. Come see what it’s all about. Bring the children of the cob. Check out the awesome costumes (awestumes?). You don’t have to have a fursuit to participate in the fun!

When and where will the awesomeness commence?

Saturday from 1-5 in The Room Formerly Known as the Artitorium (right off the main lobby). We’ll also have furry related panels and other activities throughout the con.