The Reverend Ivan Stang at Con on the Cob? Yes indeed…

Greetings Oith creatures,

Did you know FOR THE SECOND TIME none other than his royal whateverness Reverend Ivan Stang, founder of the Church of the Subgenius will be at Con on the Cob this October? Well, he will, and so will you (unless you’re lame). Reverend Stang will delight the crowd and bring smiles to all the children of the realm with his (NSFW) rant and other snazzy jazz. Not only that, he’ll be showing his super awesome movie ARISE: the Sub-Genius Video.

The movie will be shown at 4pm on Saturday and the rant will get starting at 7pm that same day. Don’t you dare miss it.

Who is Reverend Stang? What is the Church of the Subgenius? Follow this link to in-the-know yourself.