Unassociated Appelation Epidemic Strikes Nation! Your children may be at risk…

Hudson, Ohio: A local website (www.cononthecob.com) has been afflicted with a dangerous strain of Unassociated Appelation Syndrome. This terrible epidemic, which is becoming increasingly common among the more brilliant and handsome denizens of the internet, is transferred among individuals by visual contact with a news item or blog post that is completely unrelated to the headline or title it bears. The post you are currently reading is a good example.

Here's a semi-related picture of a boob to hold your attention.
Here’s a semi-related picture of a boob to hold your attention.

Con on the Cob is a four day celebration of games, art, freaks, and fun. It is, quite literally, the most fun you will ever have in your entire life. Registration is now open, so nab yourself a badge while the getting is good. Not only that, there are still plenty of booths left in the Artitorium and the Mother of All Marketplaces. Nab one of those as well.

Join such visionary guests as Fred Fields, Larry Elmore, Jolly Blackburn, and Eloy Lasanta as we get our geek on in style. Be there or be some sort of triangular prism or something.

Oh, and while I have your attention, I highly recommend you check out Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird. It’s the bee’s pajamas.

end transmission