Vendors & Exhibitors

Economy got you down? Ogres pillaging your treasure horde? Provisions low? Need to stock up on the geeksentials? No worries. The Mother of All Marketplaces at Con on the Cob has your back. It’s the one-stop-shop for all your geekular needs. Games, art, clothing, jewelry, DVDs, stuffed animals, toys, collectibles, music, dice and just about everything else on your geek wish list can be found here. It’s the best thing to happen to the geekonomy since the invention of the gold piece.

The new ENLARGED Mother of All Marketplaces hosts a whopping 56 vendor booths (and 20 ancillary booths outside of the Marketplace)! Awesome.horizontal_black_line

Vendor Map (Featuring a list of current vendors)


Art Show Booths

Artists are welcome in the Mother of All Marketplaces, although the Con on the Cob Artitorium also has booths for artists. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ARTIST SPACES, MAIL IN ART, AND THE PRINT SHOP.artitorium2017


Vendor List

The Mother
of All Marketplaces

  1. Caffeinated Kobold
    2. Grandiose Glitches
    3. Dragonsong 
    4. Design Wizard, Inc.
    5. The Art of Joe McCoy
    6. Cindy’s Corner
    7. Kitty Creations
    8. The Beard Bard & Zen Waters
    9. Northcoast Armor & Jewelry/NCA Engraving
    10. Northcoast Armor & Jewelry/NCA Engraving
    11. Northcoast Armor & Jewelry/NCA Engraving
    12. Zombombie
    13. Raven God Games
    14. S.T. Hoover & Faryl
    15. Fernleaf FiberArts
    16. Section 28 Publishing
    17. Skullypop Designs
    18. Rhiannon Massaro
    19. Silverfox Massage & Crafts
    20. Design Wizard, Inc.
    21. Bard and Broad
    22. The Unicorn and Narwhal’s Trove
    23. Tempting Sweets
    24. Unicorn Massacres Designs 
    25. Jim Likes Games
    26. Flutter-Bye Boutique
    27. Flutter-Bye Boutique
    28. Dan R. Arman and Rose Withering, Authors
    29. The Light Trading Company
    30. The Light Trading Company
    31. The Light Trading Company
    32. Bunny Bee Boutique
    33. Helaman’s Warriors
    34. Helaman’s Warriors
    35. Black Pineapple Creations/Lilla Rose
    36. Black Pineapple Creations/Lilla Rose
    37. C.M. Manfredi’s Emporium of Wonders
    38. GlitterGirl Vinyl & Cantastic Creations
    39. Hrothgar’s Hoard
    40. Hrothgar’s Hoard
    41.  Aardvark Tees
    42. Aardvark Tees
    43. GlitterGirl Vinyl & Cantastic Creations
    44. Live Dream Create
    45. WataTees
    46. Wicked Clever
    47. CavernWire Games
    48. Heidi Black
    49. 3Cat Collectibles
    50. CB Squared Crafts
    51. Hart Strings & Things
    52. DICE SQUAD
    53. Roundtable Con
    54. Foolish Media LLC
    55. Menagerie of Makers
    56. Crafting Memories & Roxies Bits and Pieces

Art Show Booths

A01. Cosplay Guests
A02. Cosplay Guests
A03. Art of Shelly Loke
A04. Kia’s Priceless Possessions
A05. Kia’s Priceless Possessions
A06. Hayetes Plush Emporium
A07. Dark Lantern Studios
A08.  Angel Wick Candles
A09. Robin Scott Art
A12. Andrew Weibel Artist
A13. Andrew Weibel Artist
A14. Henna Art by Noor
A15. Fernwood
A16. Casual Killjoy

Ancillary Booths (see below)

Balcony1. Doki Doki Chocolate
Balcony2. Madame K’s Miscellany
Ancillary1. CreepItKawaii & Apocathyst
Ancillary2. Multiplayer Chess Systems
Ancillary3. Teasel Chiropractic Clinic
Ancillary4. Vahhalla’s Anvil
Ancillary6. Obelisk Boardgame
Ancillary10. Mutha Oith Creations
Outside Restaurant: UBS Casual

Food Trucks and Food Stalls

    1. Eats Food Truck
    2.  Redbeard’s BBQ
    3.  Stray Dog
    4. Rajun Cajun 

Ancillary Booths
(outside the Mother of All Marketplaces)

OH SNAP! We totally sold out the Mother of All Marketplaces in record time last year. Luckily, there are plenty of spots throughout the venue where an enterprising business person such as yourself might enjoy setting up a booth. To facilitate such an arrangement, we are EXTREMELY PROUD to offer an assortment of ancillary booths. Most of these are in the atrium near the gaming tables or in the hotel lobby. The exact location will be determined once we set up on site, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences (however bizarre they may be).

Of course, since these booths are not located inside of the vendor hall (which locks up at night) ancillary vendors will be responsible for moving their items to a safe location each evening (either a hotel room, the Mother of All Marketplaces, a car, or wherever else makes you happy). That’s why they are LESS EXPENSIVE than our already incredibly affordable vendor booths (only $80 and they include a 4-Day convention badge).

Ancillary vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables.


Vendor Info

Wanna be a vendor at Con on the Cob? Sure you do. We still have several spaces available and the perks couldn’t be better. For the LOW LOW PRICE OF ONLY $90 ($80 for an ancillary booth) you get the following:

  • A 6’x8′ booth space
  • A 6’x30″ table
  • Two chairs
  • Free electricity and wireless internet access
  • One (1) CotC registration badges (+$20 for a second badge)horizontal_black_line

Booth Reservations

To reserve your booth(s) simply fill out this short form, click the “SUBMIT” button below, and follow the steps presented to pay through PayPal. For more information, or if you’d rather pay by check, please email Andy.


Cancellation Policy

Con on the Cob does not offer refunds unless the reason for the cancellation is our fault. Booths are transferable to a similar vendor, however.

Important note about vendor spaces

Each booth will be mapped out prior to setup. Vendors are required to stay within their booth’s footprint. Walkways are measured ahead of time to comply with safety and fire codes as determined by the fire marshal. Spilling into the walkways can become a serious issue that can result in injury and/or fines. Taking up space in your neighbor’s booth is not allowed without their consent. 

Vendors are NOT permitted to call out across other booths or walkways to people passing by to try and get them to come to your booth, offer them free samples, get them to sign up for raffles, hawk your wares at them, etc.  We’ve had several complaints and this behavior will no longer be tolerated since it causes customers and visitors to actively avoid the area all together and ruins the experience for everyone. Vendors doing this may not be invited back to future Oddmalls.


The Mother of All Marketplaces & Artitorium Schedule

Thursday: Setup 10am-2pm, Open 2pm-8pm
Friday: Open 12pm-8pm
Saturday: Open 12pm-8pm
Sunday: Open 12pm-5pm, Teardown 5pm-??