What’s this I hear about Jolly Blackburn at Con on the Cob?

Jolly Motherlovin’ Blackburn! You mean the Knights of the Dinner Table guy?

I do indeed. Jolly Blackburn, in all his radiant glory, will be the official Artist Guest of Honor at Con on the Cob 2015!!


Holy cow crud! I am SUCH a huge fan! Tell us more about him, if you would please.

I’ll let him do that:

Knights of the Dinner Table™ was accidentally created by Jolly R. Blackburn way back in 1990 as ‘filler’ for his small press magazine, Shadis. It was something of a ‘creative burp’ and Jolly really didn’t give it much thought. Perhaps that’s why he was just as surprised as anyone that soon KODT was overshadowing everything else he’d ever done and that the created was now controlling thecreator. Fortunately, writing and drawing KODT strips isn’t the lonely job it was in the past. Hundreds of fans have contributed to the beast over the years and, since joining the ranks of Kenzer and Company and the formation of the KODT Development-Team (Jolly, Steve Johansson, David S. Kenzer and Brian Jelke), the Knights have gone far beyond anything Jolly or Kenzer and Company ever imagined. In 2006, Jolly was inducted into the Origins/GAMA Hall of Fame.

Epic. This just makes me want to come to Con on the Cob even more. How do I sign up! Give me the deetz, man!

It’s so very easy, my man (or woman). Just go to www.cononthecob.com and all will be made clear.