Who you gonna call? Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters at Oddmall and Con on the Cob? Yes indeed…

Oh man! This sure is some exciting stuff…

You read that correctly. The Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters will be returning to Oddmall this Fall and are scheduled to make their first appearance at Con on the Cob as well.

To learn more about this amazing group of people and the awesome things they do check out the Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters official website.

A Ghostbuster uses an unlicensed, untested, nuclear accelerator against one of Oddmall’s resident haunts.
The NE Ohio Ghostbusters with Ghost Hunter Steve Gonsalves at Oddmall!
Proving my Ghostbusters street cred with some unrelated Ghostbusters jazz from the personal collection of Oddmall’s founders.
Also Legos!
Oddmall shenanigans with the Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters and Andy and Aurora Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations (and Oddmall and Con on the Cob).