Wonderful new changes to the Con on the Cob registration system!

Oh man, are we excited to share this news with you! Over the past few years we at Con on the Cob have experimented with various applications and programs to handle our badge, booth, and game registrations. Some were better than others but none of them were particularly user friendly, worked properly, or had the functionality we desired.

All that is a thing of the past! Con on on the Cob has now partnered with Tabletop.events to bring you a simple, efficient, and user friendly registration and scheduling system. From our Tabletop.events hub users can nab badges, submit games, register for games and events, and grab vendor, artist, and food truck spots. Not only that, users can view the CotC schedule in real time, view their own personal schedule, and perform a host of other useful activities.

How exciting is that? Very. Very exciting is the answer.