You’ll never guess who is going to be artist guest of honor at Con on the Cob 2018!!! Here’s a hint: It’s Shawn Coss.

Shawn Coss (Artist Guest of Honor)

Here’s what Shawn has to say about his own bad self:

I’m just an artist who gets to live his dream by doing what he loves. I’m the creator of the famous (infamous?) Inktober Illness series that took the internet by dark surprise. I’m also an author of Kindergarten which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and if that wasn’t enough, I’m co-owner of Any Means Necessary Clothing. I’ve had the honor of working with Cyanide & Happiness since 2009 and presently, as well as working on Stephen King’s Cell film adaptation. I’ve worked with countless bands creating album covers, most notably, creating artwork for Seether. I’m just chasing the dream, and hope to never wake from it.

Get your shiny wazoo to Con on the Cob this November. Meet Shawn and all our other awesome guests. Ask him to draw on you. Registration is NOW LIVE at!!!!!